Elif Norris
Elif Norris is an 800 hour certified Jivamukti yoga teacher with a background in set and costume design. Ever since her first class at the Jivamukti Yoga School in her hometown Berlin, her love for the Jivamukti method deepens daily. The perfectly balanced fusion of body movement, Indian philosophy and radicalism made it feel like home instantly. Her biggest inspiration within her yoga practice is ahimsa, non-violence, which she incorporates into her everyday life as well as her classes. Her teachings are accompanied by a playful atmosphere, uplifting music and a healthy amount of sweat while targeting all angles of the body. She is guided by compassion for all beings in thought, word and action and trusts we can all share the light together.

Private Lesson
Elif will carefully tailor to you and your needs in a private yoga lesson. She creates an environment of trust, while giving the student space to explore modifications for individual levels and goals, almost always resulting in big little revelations within each student’s practice - whether you are looking for ways to relieve back pain, nail that Instagram handstand shot or find the space to sit in meditation for longer.

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Yoga Style

Jivamukti Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa,
Rooted in Traditional Lineage

Master / Senior Teachers
Emma Henry
Moritz Ulrich
Jessica Stickler
Sharon Gannon
David Life

Private Lesson

60 minute Jivamutki
60 minute Vinyasa

Selena Maisonpierre
Selena Maisonpierre is a Pacific Northwest native, currently residing in New York City. She found yoga at the age of 18 after quitting her high school dance team, and loved the way it made her feel. It wasn't under her mid 20s that she developed a deeper practice, and began to feel the effects of the practice seep into all other areas of her life. She began teaching in 2016.

Selena is 200HR Yoga Alliance Certified through Sky Ting Yoga, and continued her training through their Mentorship Program. She has continued her studies through workshops in Katonah Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Pranayama. Selena teaches public classes, private instruction, and is a lead teacher and mentor on Sky Ting's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Selena's classes encourage thoughtful movement. They are aimed to help students explore and embody their internal landscape, and in doing so create more space, find a deeper breath, and find a real sense of release. Her classes are grounding, and students can always expect to leave feeling longer, taller and stronger.

Private Lesson
Selena's private sessions are shaped to cater to each student's unique needs and desires. Working on-one-on, expect to become comfortable with the power of your breath, stretch and balance any kinks in the body, and build a real sense of strength. Sessions move slower than your typical public class, and may or may not include a flow. Always leave feeling restored, refreshed, more grounded.

Master Teacher(s)
Selena looks up to Abbie Galvin, owner of The Studio in NYC for the beautiful way she captivates students, offers new perspectives and inspires real revelation by teaching entirely from the heart and with true dedication to sharing this practice. Selena also looks up to Kate Posch for her expertise in functional movement.

Abby Stevenson
Abigail Stevenson has spent the past five years teaching yoga throughout New York City, and is inspired to offer creatively sequenced classes that focus on the breath, alignment, and laughter. She brings her nurturing disposition and sense of play to her students through feel-good asanas, pranayama and meditation. Her classes artfully infuse Katonah Yoga theory and aim to orient students within their bodies so that they can get closer to their true selves.
Abigail is a Thyroid Yoga certified yoga teacher and offers special hormonal yoga workshops and classes throughout the year. Thyroid Yoga weaves wisdom from Western and Eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach with deep roots in integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing. Her hope for her students is that through their yoga practice, whatever it may be, they can clean out some of their inner chaos and clutter and have the space to participate in life more fully.

Abigail has completed trainings in Alignment and Sequencing (Unity Yoga, 100 hour), Energy and SubtleBody (Laughing Lotus, 50 hour), Katonah Yoga® (The Studio + Katonah Yoga® Center, 200 hour), and Thyroid Yoga (Thyroid Yoga®, Fern Olivia, 40 hour), 200 hour RYT (Pure Yoga, 200 hour).

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Yoga Style
Thyroid Yoga, Katonah Method
Pranayama (breathwork)

Upcoming Events and Workshops
Yoga for Hormonal & Glandular Health
- Fall 2020

Master / Senior Teachers
Mary Dana Abbot
Abbie Galvin
Private Lesson
60 minute Thyroid Yoga
60 minute Katonah Method
60 minute Restorative